fourth background in my animation.  about 1 hr block out. just trying to get framing/composition right before going into detail and refining

bg_3 copy


rory pencil test. he’s walking towards the sleeping cat (which i haven’t put into the scene yet..)


rory pencil test. onto the final pass


pencil test for ava’s yawn scene, the timing/spacing/movements/pose/exaggeration has all been changed from the animatic and it definitely looks smoother and feels better since I used my own timing charts which helped a ton. i’ve decided that instead of animating paperless into tvpaint i’m going to hand draw my animations as it feels more natural for me and it’s easier and less distracting. this yawn animation is around 75 frames (animating on two’s), i’m just really glad i have an adf scanner at home which saves me from scanning every individual frame. i had some trouble figuring out how i could make the peg holes turn black when they scanned through for peg hole registration to work. i found a useful video of a guy explaining how he did it (same printer brand just older model) he used black electric tape and wrapped it around the metal bar that you can carefully dislodge, so i tried but it didn’t all come off so and since i didn’t want to break the machine…. i tried to think of an alternative. in the end i cut up a small piece of black paper and put some tape on the back of it and stuck it about 4-5cm (just wide enough to cover the peghole marks) from the front of the bar so when it presses down the holes will scan through black and not white (the brother machine has a white bar…) and it worked pretty well.



second background design for my animation. very rough block colours for the second scene just to test brushes and colour and lighting. tried experimenting using some custom watercolour brushes in photoshop. i should give painter a try as i’ve heard really nice things about it’s brushes. deciding whether to do the final bg in real watercolours on illustration boards or to paint them digitally, i’ll do another rough colour pass in watercolours and see how that turns out.


a walk cycle of rory and other scenes for my animatic. could of been more loose during the walk cycle and focused on the golden poses only as this seems more like a line test of sorts anyway more to come.


Some early character design and expression sheets for my animation. Styles and other minor changes have been made to the characters which I’ll post soon

avarory Brother_CharacterSheet Sister_CharacterSheet