Early Concepts

Building/Shot designsonibaba


Some early concepts for animation. Building/shot designs and Onibaba character board. Onibaba or “demon hag” is from a Japanese folklore, i came across it while researching about Chinese mythologies and Japanese Yokai (spirits and supernatural beings) during the early stages of pre-production and then stumbled across the story of the Onibaba and thought it was quite interesting so then i started reading more stories on it and decided it would be a good source of inspiration for my own. It was suggested to me that i have the Onibaba wear a band across her eyes to draw attention to her sense of smell, making her more able to smell her prey, which makes it feel creepy. We had the themes of escape or break-in to choose, my story will be about an escape.  Basically this yokai who feasts on humans. There’s a few variations of the story, but here are two of the more well known ones in case you were interested http://matthewmeyer.net/blog/2010/10/29/a-yokai-a-day-onibaba/


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